UD-Tape is a kind of sheet material formed of parallel Continuous fiber and melten thermoplastic resin(PE、PP、PA etc.) by an impregnation technique.


We are ready to supply the UD-tapes as follows:

 ●  Fiber types:glass fiber, aramid fiber, carbon fiber

 ●  Resin types:polypropylene(PP), polyethylene(PE), nylon(PA)

 ●  Tape thickness:0 .15mm~0.40mm

 ●  Tape areal weighe:250gsm~620gsm

 ●  Tape width:0mm~ 650mm

 ●  Color:natural and black, other colors can be customized

 ●  Glass fiber content:0%~ 70% by wt

Application:thermoplastic reinforced composite pipe , automotive parts , safety protection ,  wrapping cylinder leisure , etc.


Product advantages

1. High specific strength and stiffness

2. Good shock resistance 

3. Acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, VOC/ formaldehyde emission, recyclable     

4. Flexible design according to the requirements of use, short product development cycle

5. Suitable for a variety of processing and manufacturing processes