Laminates, which is a solid board formed by Orthogonal layering of continuous fiber reinforced polypropylene unidirectional tape. According to customer requirements, it can be laminated with bonding layer, anti-UV protective film, decorative layer, etc.,


      We are ready to supply the laminates as follows:
      ●  Laminate thickness:0. 4mm~10mm
      ●  Laminate width:0mm~ 2800mm
      ●  Color:natural and black , other colors can be customized
      ●  Surface:can be laminate with anti-UV , anti-aging film , as well as non-woven , decorative film

     Application:van panels' skin , container liner boards , car interior and exterior trim , construction framework , freight train roof , safety toe , sports equipment , etc.

Product advantages

1. High specific strength and stiffness     

2. Good shock resistance     

3. Water and oil resistance , anti-corrosion

4. Short product development cycle and long life

5. Low cost , environmental protection and be recyclable.