Automotive interior parts

The sandwich plate has many advantages such as light weight and high strength instead of traditional materials, reducing the overall weight of the car without lowering the total quality. As an E0 grade environmentally friendly furniture plate, the fabric pattern can be flexibly customized according to customer needs and is widely used in car interiors such as RVs.


    Fiber-reinforced thermoplastics are one of the most promising high-performance automotive lightweight materials available today. They are more competitive than traditional non-renewable thermoset composites and aluminum-magnesium metal materials. The outstanding advantages of design and molding manufacturing integration are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The car interior system is an important part of a car, and the design work of the interior system accounts for more than 60% of the entire car design work, far exceeding the car shape, and is one of the most important parts of the car body. Each automaker usually has a large automotive interior team to do a lot of engineering work related to the interior.